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VHI Women’s Mini Marathon

By June 7, 2016June 29th, 2016Uncategorized

The VHI Women’s Mini Marathon has become a national event.  It is a day when the women of Ireland can show what they are made of, and raise money for charity along the way.

This year, some of these amazing women chose to participate on behalf of BUMBLEance.  We were honoured to be their chosen charity and were delighted to help in any way we could.  These ladies trained hard for the event, supporting BUMLBEance every step of the way.  Well done to you all.

Marathons are a great way to stay fit and healthy.  But they also help us out through sponsorships and fundraising.  There are so many different marathons held across Ireland and we love it when people participate on our behalf.  So THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has supported us this far.  We hope to hear from more supporters in the future.

Check out some of the FANTASTIC women participating in the event.