From the 15th to the 29th of October, join us in our #Squat4BUMBLEance Challenge. We are asking you to complete 360 squats over two weeks to help raise vital funds for Ireland’s youngest patients! Why 360 Squats? A one-way BUMBLEance trip is 180km, making a return trip 360km. By taking part you will have completed 360 squats, the same as that return journey! With every 180 squats why not aim to raise €200 which would cover the cost of a 180km trip for our King and Queen Bees!

How to get involved?

  • Fill out our registration form and we will send you your fundraising pack and free BUMBLEance T-shirt!
  • Keep us updated on your progress by tagging your pictures using #Squat4BUMBLEance and #BUMBLEance
  • Record your squats for the month of October using our Squat Tracker
  • Create your Facebook fundraiser or iDonate page and share with friends and family so they can see your progress and donate!


What exactly is the #Squat4BUMBLEance Challenge?

We are asking you to do 360 squats over two weeks to help raise vital funds for BUMBLEance, the children’s national ambulance service.

Do I have to complete this challenge in that timeframe?

Of course not! You can start this challenge at any time. If you start a few days off, then you can finish a few days off! Just ensure you complete the squats to help raise donations.

How do I set up a fundraising page?

You can set up a fundraising page through a Facebook fundraiser or an iDonate page. Share your link on social media, with family and friends to help raise money.

Can my workplace/office take part in the challenge?

Yes of course, please email or fill out our event registration form with #Squat4BUMBLEance as the event and we will get back to you with a fundraising pack and more information.


Check out some great tips from our certified Personal Trainer, Lisa, below!

What are the health benefits of squatting?

  • Squats Help Build Muscle
  • Squats Burn Calories Fast
  • Squats Help Improve Flexibility
  • Squats Help with Mobility and Balance
  • Squats Help Strengthen Your Lungs and Heart

So bend those legs and move those bums to raise your heart rate and funds for our King and Queen bees!


If you are taking part, let your followers know you have completed 360 Squats and download the templates

for your social media platforms here. You can also download your own SQUAT tracker here to track your progress.



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