Miss Ellie Cunningham lived with her Mum and Dad, Amy and Thomas, and baby brother Ruben. Up until the age of 7, Ellie was an only child and was absolutely thrilled when she became a big sister.  Miss Ellie was born with Cytomegalovirus (CMV), a virus which left her to struggle with a whole range of problems in life.  Miss Ellie was born deaf and blind with cerebral palsy and major liver disease. Due to serious complications, Ellie was unable to avail of a liver transplant. Despite her constant hospital stays and medical difficulties, Ellie truly was a warrior, never giving up on her constant battles and continuously defying her doctors.

We were delighted to be able to help when Ellie’s mum contacted BUMBLEance about our very special Angel Trips. These final journeys for children like Ellie are very important. Ellie’s Angel Trip saw her take one last family trip to their beloved home in Wexford.  This gave Ellie a chance to say her final goodbyes and to be treated like a Queen Bee by the BUMBLEance Crew.  Describing Ellie’s Angel Trip, her mum said “the magic of BUMBLEance is something we will treasure forever”.


RIP Miss Ellie Cunningham who gained her Angel Wings in September of 2014.