Noah Gooch is nearly 8 years old, he was diagnosed with leukemia in 2021. Since then he has had to travel from his home in Letterkenny to Dublin appointments: and that’s where BUMBLEance comes in. Noah is regulary on board our BUMBLEances and travels once a month from Letterkenny to Dublin with Driver Kieran.

The journey from Letterkenny to Dublin takes 4 hours there and another 4 hours back. If both parents were to travel with Noah to Dublin it would mean leaving older sibling, Lee (10) for a day, arranging childcare for him along with school pick up and drop off. This not only adds additional stress to Noah’s parents Claire and Lee but also takes sibling Lee out of his normal routine.

According to Dad, Lee ‘the fatigue of just one parent going, it gives us a bit of a break, when I’m at home I can do the school picks ups, life is a little bit normal for Noah’s sibling Lee. It takes a lot of stress off the family.’

Donate now to BUMBLEance to ensure we can continue supporting children like Noah to make his long haul feel more like a short hop.