What’s the latest BUZZ from BUMBLEance?

Tuesday 13th July 2021

BUMBLEance win Excellence Award in Child Support Services in the Public Sector Awards.

Read more of the article published by the Public Sector Awards Magazine here.

At BUMBLEance our aim is to reach every town, city and county in Ireland to deliver smiles to children who are sick. We are delighted to have received the Excellence in Child Support Services award for our work here at BUMBLEance. Thank you to the Public Sector Awards for this award and article above featuring Mary and Tony Heffernan, Co-Founders of BUMBLEance. Tony and Mary are no stranger to the stress parents feel when dealing with sick children. “We identified an opportunity many years ago to provide a service that did not exist anywhere in the world” Tony explains. Our top priority is the comfort and safety of our BUMBLEance children. Tony and Mary continue their work in the memory of their late children Saoirse and Liam Heffernan.