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Kids helping kids

By May 17, 2016June 29th, 2016Uncategorized

20160516_134250-1024x576BUMBLEance has a number of different fundraising events around the country. We are always delighted when people get in contact in order to fundraise. These amazing and interested people allow us to continue helping critically ill children. Sometimes we are contacted by children, young boys and girls that want to help children the same age as them. This is a heart-warming moment.

On November 2015, BUMBLEance was contacted by a young girl named Bronagh. She wanted to raise money for BUMBLEance by cutting her hair. Over the next few weeks Bronagh convinced people to sponsor her haircut. She asked neighbours, friends, locals, anyone that could afford a donation.

When the day of the haircut finally arrived Bronagh took some before and after pictures to send to BUMBLEance. She donated her hair to the Rapunzel Foundation and raised €2290 for BUMBLEance. This is an amazing feat for anybody, and well done to Bronagh for doing such a great job.

On 16 May, our BUMBLEance team visited Bronagh at her school for a cheque presentation. We were overwhelmed by this kind and generous young girl. This is what BUMBLEance is all about. We help critically ill children across the country, but we need your support. So we would like to say “Thank You” to Bronagh for being a terrific volunteer.