Advance Pitstop

2015 Advance Pitstop new logo

Advance Pitstop are Ireland’s largest independent motor maintenance company and have been in existence for almost 50 years in over 30 locations nationwide.

The company was previously known as Advance Tyre Company until 1988, when it then branched out under its new name from just tyre business, to become one of the first independent car servicing companies to offer generic car servicing and maintenance to the general public.

Today, as well as being the largest retail tyre supplier in the country, the company offers competitive fixed price car servicing (based on the CC of the car) on all makes and models of car, and with qualified mechanics and technicians in each branch, we can look after all our customers needs six days a week across the country.

Customers can use the company website Advance Pitstop to get a quote for their actual car service, and simply make a booking in any of the 30 branches.  All of our work is guaranteed and our work is also warranty approved, as we only use quality graded oil and manufacturer approved parts in all of the jobs, so there is no risk to our customers in getting the work completed in terms of resale value.

Advance Pitstop pride themselves in being closely associated with the Road Safety Authority (RSA) and our 5 point safety check is supported by the RSA.

Advance Pitstop is 100% owned by Continental one of the leading motoring supply companies in the world.

We are delighted to be a new partner with BUMBLEance and hope to help them deliver their precious cargo on their various journeys over the coming years.

Advance Pitstop – Caring for your car from the tyres up

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