To date, BUMBLEance has transported thousands of critically ill children nationwide and has made hundreds of Angel Trips. With your help, we can expand our services to assist even more sick children who desperately need our help.

Every child wants something special on their birthday – the gifts, the cake, the candles. It is a day where all their wishes come true. But some children only have one wish, they want to get better.

Here is a novel way to celebrate your life in 2017 – DONATE YOUR AGE! Or donate the age of someone you love. There are 365 days in a year – and everyone you know will be celebrating their birthday sometime this year.

• Celebrating a 25th birthday? Send us €25 or €250 or €2,500.
• Celebrating a 50th birthday? Send us €50 or €500 or €5,000.
• Celebrating a 75th birthday? Send us €75 or €750 or €7,500.

All the money you donate allows us to purchase equipment, run our unique service and support our brave BUMBLEance kids and their families. Every cent raised through Donate Your Age will go towards kitting out a new BUMBLEance.


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