CORK: South West BUMBLEance Service 2017

BUMBLEance and the Cork Committee are currently working hard to get a brand new Southern Regional BUMBLEette on the road. Our aim is to get this service up and running by 2018 so that we can help even more sick kids at a local level.

To date we have raised €139,630.20

The Southern Regional BUMBLEette service will support young patients who do not require full ambulance support with a paramedic on board, but who nonetheless are critically ill and will require transportation to and from paediatric hospitals, respite care centres and hospices throughout Ireland. These seriously and critically ill children travel with a huge amount of medical equipment, medication, specialised wheelchairs and suction machines etc. Hence, BUMBLEette will facilitate wheelchair and stretcher usage whilst enabling family members to travel with their loved ones in a safe, comfortable and secure environment.

The Southern Regional BUMBLEette vehicle will offer the following service:

  • Operate in excess of 240 days per year
  • Initially based on 40 – 60 hours per week
  • Complete approximately 500 trips per year
  • Some journeys will facilitate more than one child on board
  • The service will also be utilized as a Children’s Chemo Cab Service
  • The South West BUMBLEette service will work in conjunction with our Critical Care Ambulance, our fleet vehicles and our sensitive Angle Trip service
  • All of these services are FREE of charge

Currently, there are hundreds of children in Cork City and County who are suffering from critical medical conditions who require frequent care supports and ongoing expert medical consultant care. As this is a free service, the financial burden of these families will be reduced significantly with the implementation of Southern Regional BUMBLEette service.

The stress reducing trips for both child and parents will have an immense positive mental health benefit, reducing stress by providing door to door/ bed to bed service, whilst delivering a few smiles and compassion along the way.

The proposed vehicle for Cork will be based on a top of the range Mercedes vehicle, providing efficient, comfortable transportation for our King and Queen Bees. This full modification and adaptation of a new Mercedes vehicle will include both wheelchair and stretcher access/facilities.

The Cork Committee has been formed to help us to drive this initiative forward and to ensure that a Southern Regional BUMBLEette service is up and running as soon as possible. The committee has lots of events planned throughout the year and we are looking for volunteers and supporters to get the Southern Regional BUMBLEette service on the road asap. We would love to hear from you. Please contact us directly on T: 083 0044444 E:

A to Z of Fundraising Ideas

The committee are:
Chairperson: Scott MacKeown – Scott is a director of S & G Retail Products Ltd. and The Saoirse Foundation,
Deputy Chairperson: Frank Caul,
Secretary: Nicola O’ Sullivan, Head of Fundraising, The Saoirse Foundation – BUMBLEance.
Tony Heffernan Founder & CEO, The Saoirse Foundation – BUMBLEance.
Alice Delacour – Alice Worked on a voluntary basis with Cork City Hospitals Childrens Club, The Bubblegum Childrens Club, currently on the Board of KYSS, Kinsale Youth Support Services, an organisation, which cares for the mental health of young people. Friend of Edel House, Matt Talbot Adolescent Services and the SIVUH ENT Dept.
Carmel Lonergan – Carmel is General Manager with the Cork International Hotel. Originally from Tipperary Carmel has lived in Cork for the past 10 years. With nearly 20 years in the hospitality industry she has worked in many establishments in Ireland, but also London and the US. She has previously assisted in fundraising for Rehab and Cystic Fibrosis. Carmel and her team nominated BUMBLEance as the nominated charity for the Cork International Hotel.
Hilda Horgan – Hilda is Mum to two boys – Nathan and Quin. BUMBLEance was a huge part of Nathan’s life and ours. We know first hand how difficult it is to travel with a sick child and how valuable this service is. Nathan sadly passed away on the 6th December 2016.
Patrick Guilfoyle – Pat is a father of two beautiful kids Ewan (7)and Evie (6) Contracts Manager with the CHC Group
Sandra Murphy, Sinead Paley, David King, Elma McCarthy, Joyce Hosford,

Paul Heffernan, Carmel Longergan, Tony Heffernan, Pat Guilfoyle, Sandra Murphy, Shirley Gallagher, Frank Caul, Sinead Paley, Scott MacKeown and Alice Delacour pictured as the Cork BUMBLEance Fundraising Committee is launched to help sick children throughout the Rebel County at The Cork International Hotel.













2018 Events



March 25

Cork International Car Show.


2017 Events



April 01

The Futuristic Marketing Ball 2017 at the Clayton Silver Springs.

April 02

Cork International Car Show.

April 26

Crosshaven Road Run.

April 29/30

Mahon Point Collection Days.

July 01

Crosshaven, National Dingy Event.

July 14

10th birthday party for the Cork International Hotel.

July 27

Fota Wildlife Twilight Walk

August 19/20

Mahon Point Collection Days.

August 14

Cork Wears Red – Annual Lunch
Maryborough Hotel and Spa, Cork.

October 13

Spooky Halloween Kids Tea Party – Cork International Hotel.

November 10

BUMBLEance Ball at The Cork International Hotel.

December 18

Christmas Carols with Pfizer Pfonics Choir – Mahon Point.

December 18

Christmas Carols with Bel Canto Choir – Wilton Shopping Center.

November 23 – December 23

Fota Beyond Christmas 2017.