Fuel Now!

With fuel prices on the rise, BUMBLEance urgently need your help today!

As we’re all aware, fuel prices are at an all-time high. For charities that rely on fuel to fulfil their service, such as BUMBLEance, we have been hit hard with these prices and urgently need your help. At BUMBLEance, our primary vision is to provide a free transportation service for children affected by serious and life-limiting conditions, nationwide. These children depend on BUMBLEance to get them to and from their hospital appointments, surgeries and respite centres. With all the children’s hospital centres located in Dublin, families living in the more rural areas of Ireland have to travel long distances on a weekly basis to treat their child.  


Bumbleance estimate that our fuel costs will rise to around 50/60% for 2022, this increase will have a drastic impact on the charity and our ability to fullfill the demand for our service. We rely on your donations to ensure that we can provide transportation to as many children as possible. 

Ian Fallon, General Manager says: 

Each and every household has felt the effects of drastically rising fuel prices and unfortunately BUMBLEance are no different. The reality of our situation is that the cost of taking a child onboard a BUMBLEance is significantly higher than this time last year. With our numbers of journeys increasing and the cost of transportation being at an all time high we need to continue to raise essential funds to continue to bring every child on their journey in a safe and fun environment.” 

A BUMBLEance family shares:

BUMBLEance has played a vital role with Marley Mae, ensuring that she can travel to and from her medical appointments in a safe and comfortable manner. Marley Mae’s mother shares, “Travelling to hospital appointments with BUMBLEance has become a godsend for Marley. She wouldn’t travel well in the car at all to the hospitals previously. Being on board the BUMBLEance is a great distraction for her! The drivers are fantastic and make her feel extra special when she’s on board. Marley feels like the BUMBLEance is a fun trip and relieves us from the extra stress of travelling in a car.” 

Please donate to our 'Fuel Now' initiative where you can support BUMBLEance and help us cover the costs of each BUMBLEance trip.