Our vision is to provide improved and professional medical transportation services for long-term sick and seriously disabled children, who require professional ambulance transportation. We will transport children in a fun environment from the far reaches of Ireland, both urban and rural, to their treatment centres.

At BUMBLEance our aim is to make every trip a positive experience

Our Values

  • Put Children First – We put the happiness, delight and well-being of children first in everything we do.
  • Impact Driven – We strive to maximise the impact in everything we do, to make positive life impacts in the lives of children requiring our services.
  • Always Learning – We are constantly seeking to improve our services, operations and approach. We take the feedback on-board of all our stakeholders.
  • Partnership Approach – We always seek to partner with those who know more and believe that together we can achieve more than working alone.
  • Respect and Dignity – We aim to always treat our clients, staff, volunteers, partners and stakeholders with the respect and dignity they deserve.
  • Accountable & Transparent – We believe we are honest & accountable to all our stakeholders and strive to operate our services, fundraising and resourcing openly and transparently.