Tracking BUMBLEance

BUMBLEance is the most modern children’s ambulance service on the planet!

BUMBLEance is  fitted with an Acetech system, a state-of-the-art control, monitoring and tracking system incorporating real-time remote diagnostic and reporting capability.

BUMBLEance-Tracking-1024x341When a child is on-board BUMBLEance they can track their journey and see exactly where the ambulance is, how much fuel is onboard, distance covered, and lots more, including the battery voltage level so we know that the fun will continue without interruption. It’s just like the in-flight mode on an aeroplane but with more information!  The live map snap-shot above shows vehicle location to those onboard, speed and current operational status in real time.

Sometimes you will be able to monitor the movement of BUMBLEance on this page here, but due to personal circumstances of the child/family onboard, as a matter of respect we turn off the live tracking function.


You can message BUMBLEance live right now through social media!