South West BUMBLEette

The newest addition to the BUMBLEance service is BUMBLEette. This free door-to-door/bed-to-bed service is for critically and seriously ill young patients who do not require full ambulance support with a paramedic on board, but who do require transportation to and from paediatric hospitals, respite care centres and hospices nationwide.

Based on a specially-modified top-of-the-range Mercedes vehicle, the BUMBLEette is designed for children who require substantial medical equipment, medication, specialised wheelchairs, stretchers and other medical devices on their journey.

  • Family members will be able to travel with their loved ones in a safe, comfortable and secure environment
  • Significant reduction in the financial burden for parents
  • Reduced stress for children and parents
  • Positive mental health benefits
  • Smiles and compassion along the way.

BUMBLEette will also serve as a Children’s Chemo Cab, bringing children and their accompanying adult to and from chemotherapy treatment. BUMBLEette will also be part of BUMBLEance’s unique Angel Trips service that takes terminally ill children home.

The BUMBLEette is being launched initially in the South West of Ireland in 2017, prior to a national roll-out in 2018. The BUMBLEette will operate 40-60 hours/week, 240 days/year, and will complete over 500 trips/year. Based on demand, and on our ability to raise the funds required, the service will be expanded to 9 vehicles and 2,000 trips/year by the end of 2018.

Hundreds of children in Cork City and County currently suffer from critical medical conditions that require care, supports and ongoing expert medical expertise. South West BUMBLEette will work directly with the outreach/palliative service of the HSE, with all hospitals in the greater Cork area, and with paediatric treatment centres nationwide.

To help drive the BUMBLEette initiative, and to help even more sick children throughout Cork City and County, we have set up a regional South West BUMBLEette fundraising committee:

  • Estimated cost of building and outfitting each BUMBLEette: €110,150 + VAT
  • Estimated operating costs for one year per vehicle: €97,650

We invite friends, colleagues, businesses, corporate partners and supporters join us in South West BUMBLEette. With your support, we will make this happen.