Launched by The Saoirse Foundation in 2013, BUMBLEance, The Children’s National Ambulance Service, is the world’s first state-of-the-art ambulance service specifically designed and tailored exclusively for children.

BUMBLEance provides safe and comfortable transportation for Ireland’s youngest patients who require transportation between their home and children’s hospitals, hospices, national paediatric treatment centres, and respite centres nationwide. The comfort and safety of the children is BUMBLEances #1 priority. Each BUMBLEance vehicle has advanced mobile internet and Wi-Fi and facilitates the real-time transfer of data from on-board medical equipment to remote servers. BUMBLEance also features top-of-the range, child friendly, entertainment systems, designed to distract, comfort and entertain Ireland youngest patients as they travel to and from hospital.

The six vehicles in the BUMBLEance fleet incorporate the latest medical equipment and inter-hospital communication systems:

Our Values:

  • Putting Children First – BUMBLEance puts the happiness, delight and well-being of children first in everything we do
  • Impact Driven – BUMBLEance is dedicated to making positive life impacts for sick children and their families
  • Always Learning – By actively seeking feedback from all our stakeholders, BUMBLEance constantly learns how to improve services and operations
  • Partnership Approach – BUMBLEance seeks partners who are prepared to share their expertise with us so that we together we can achieve more
  • Respect and Dignity – BUMBLEance aims to always treat clients, staff, volunteers, partners and stakeholders with the respect and dignity they deserve
  • Accountability and Transparency – BUMBLEance believes in being honest and accountable to all our stakeholders in all operations and fundraising activities