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A note from a Proud Dad

By April 8, 2021September 20th, 2021News

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The creation of the #MunsterMachine will help out families all over the Munster region. We want to let kids #BEE kids and parents #BEE parents while they take the long and often difficult trips to and from hospital appointments.

‘’As parents with children that have to make the long and sometimes very scary journey to Dublin will understand it is the simple things that make a real difference. Arriving to your specialist appointment that might have be months in the waiting you need to be as well prepared and focused as never before, and therefore a “simple thing” is to remove the worry about the journey up, the lack of car park space or the worry about how difficult and long it would take to get home. From my first phone conversation with Ann in the BUMBLEance Tralee office I knew, that they were the charity that would instantly help myself and my family with the “simple things”.

However, it has been the ease of which they make the whole process is something I wasn’t expecting, and enabled us as a family to focus on the important things like remembering what questions to ask Theo’s specialists! Theo loves being in his BUMBLEance, watching a cartoon, looking at the lights and playing with the BUMBLEance Bee, he is delighted when is King Bee Theo!

I actually find it difficult to put into words how much the BUMBLEance service has meant to my family, how I value each and every member of the “BEE team” from service staff to all the drivers for their vision and support.

It is these simple things that make “my” charity special, remembering Theo’s name when I call to make a booking, being on-time every time and on Theo’s birthday, sending him his own BUMBLEance Bee teddy and t-shirt along with donated books and a rucksack.’

– Anthony Morrissey, Proud Dad

#BeePartOfIt and see how you can help build the #MunsterMachine here.

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