Welcome to BUMBLEance

The Children’s National Ambulance Service

The world’s first ambulance service specifically designed and tailored for children. (Aged from new-borns to 18 years old)

BUMBLEance is the official Children’s National Ambulance Service of Ireland.  We provide safe and comfortable transportation for Ireland’s youngest patients as they travel between their homes and hospitals, hospices, treatment centres, and respite centres nationwide. At BUMBLEance, we know how stressful it is to transport a sick child, BUMBLEance is with families every step of the way, with the comfort and safety of the children as our number one priority.

The BUMBLEance service is the first of its kind in the world.  It has all the amenities of a regular ambulance but it includes the all-important extras to make a sick child’s journey as safe, comfortable and entertaining as possible.  Our aim is to distract, comfort and entertain Ireland’s youngest and most critically ill patients as they travel to and from hospitals and paediatric treatment centres nationwide.

Happy Journeys

BUMBLEance provides children with less stressful journeys in safe and fun vehicles.  The bright and cheerful exterior, which makes a great first impression, is only just the beginning!

Unique Interior 

BUMBLEance has room for two parents/carers to travel with the child and paramedic.  There is also an on-board locker for personal items, and a fridge for medication, food and drinks.

Fun & Games

BUMBLEance has it all – Social Media Streaming, WiFi, Playstation, DVDs, Games, Books, Colouring, Sensory Lighting, Netflix, iPad Air, Beats Headphones, Apple TV and Apple Music.

Expert Personnel

We have the two main services; one service is operated by the NAS and manned by EMTs, the other is a driver only service designed for children who do not need constant medical intervention.

Our Values

  • Putting Children First—BUMBLEance puts the happiness and well-being of children first in everything we do.
  • Impact Driven—BUMBLEance is dedicated to making positive life impacts for sick children and their families.
  • Respect and Dignity—BUMBLEance aims to always treat clients, staff, volunteers, partners and stakeholders with respect and dignity they deserve.
  • Accountability and Transparency—BUMBLEance believes in being honest and accountable to all our stakeholders in all operations and fundraising activities.

Making Positive Life Impacts for Sick Children.